Prison Break: Should we trust Sara’s new husband?

Trying to describe one thing you love about Prison Break is like picking your favorite child. We say we don’t have one but in reality– we do. I love the action in Prison Break. It’s always intense even when its pure dialogue. The characters are top-notch with those that you love and others that you love to hate. However, what makes Prison Break so special is the unseen.

We know that Michael Scofield will eventually break out of whatever prison he’s being held in but it’s the build up and surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat weekly.

With the new season, that one surprise may be Sara’s husband Scott. We know very little about him but as most fans have begun to notice– they don’t like him. It’s nothing against the guy, he seems nice as he took in Sara and Michael Jr but– is it just me or does something seem a little off with him? From a distance, he seems like the perfect husband and father and that’s what makes me leery of his place in all of this.

He’s a tad too perfect.

Maybe Sara wanted a change in her life after Michael but Sara herself is not as innocent as those soccer moms might think. She has been through and seen a few things that will make those women panties shrink, however, she did it all for love. Why she picked Scott and where he came from remains a mystery that I’m sure we will get to but in the meantime, let’s dive into what Sara is doing wrong.

Sara is trusting her husband as she should but once again we don’t know the timetable of their courtship.

When did he come into her and Mike Jr’s life? But the bigger question is– why is he there? Did he happen to bump into Sara in the grocery store or was he sent? I ask this because nothing is ever as it seems in Prison Break. The man and woman who are chasing Sara down are killers, sent by who we don’t know. However, there are a few things I find a bit odd.

Scott is quick to point the blame at Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows but not at Sara. I get it, he’s her husband but does he not know the full story? Sara seems to have told him everything and while he has offered her an honest opinion of the situation he sure comes off as stalkerish. He’s busy trying to focus her attention on Michael as a user and manipulator that he hasn’t seen the look of desperation in her eyes since Sara was informed that he’s still alive.

Where was Michael for the past 7 years and who did he work for? It’s obvious that he may have pissed some people off as there are some out to kill him, Sara and Lincoln. Was Scott placed in her life to protect or harm her? Did Michael navigate a plan that would put Scott there in case harm were to come to his family? I don’t think so and here’s why.

In the first episode when the lady broke into their home with the gun, she had the drop on Scott and could have easily killed him. That would have sent a message to Sara that they meant business. However, the woman chose to shoot Scott in the leg instead. Why? It’s clear their killers so why leave a loose end? My theory is that he’s a part of their team and was sent in to keep an eye on Sara in case Michael tried to reach out.

Not too far-fetched either. Remember when Michael had a pizza delivered to his son’s school. How does someone that’s been dead for 7 years know what school his son goes to? And then, there is the last declaration of love video he sent to Sara before the phone died. He said he was doing all of this for them. That alone makes me think that Scott is not true with his intentions and that Sara and Mike Jr are in danger. Sara is telling secrets to the enemy without even knowing her new husband is the enemy.

I know he can’t be trusted but Sara has to realize it before it’s too late.


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