New York Jets Way-to-early 2017 predictions: It is going to be a long season

The 2017 NFL Schedule was released last night for all 32 teams.  Before I even get into how I think the team will do this year, I would like to say that this schedule shows where the NFL places the New York Jets. Out of their 16 games, only one is in primetime and that is a Thursday Night match against the Buffalo Bills. Just to put that in perspective, you can look at the New York Giants who have two primetime games in the first two weeks. The Jets have as many primetime games as the Cleveland Browns, who went 1-15 last year.

Now without further or do, here is how I see the Jets season going this year

Week 1- New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

I see this one being a loss right out of the gate. It seems that the Jets have a tough time playing in Buffalo for the last few seasons. In the Todd Bowles era, the Jets have split their four games against the Bills. The Jets are also going into this season without a QB as of this writing, but unfortunately, they don’t have any proven ones on their roster either.

Week 2- New York Jets at Oakland Raiders

I am one of the people who is expecting the Raiders to do business in 2017. The Jets are going to a team that has a young and explosive offense and one of the top defenses in the league. I don’t see the Jets winning here at all. By this point they are 0-2

Week 3- Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Another AFC East battle and one that won’t be easy. In the Todd Bowles era, the Jets have split the four games they have played the Dolphins. I see the Jets possibly winning here, but I find it unlikely and see them going 0-3.

Week 4- Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets

If the Jaguars can stay healthy this season and Bortles can perform well, I see them being one of the teams to make an impact in the AFC. I see the Jags winning this one and pushing the Jets to a record of 0-4.

I also predict by this point is when Todd Bowles seat will start to get hot as they head to Cleveland next week

Week 5- New York Jets at Cleveland Browns

This will be the Josh McCown revenge game. I see this being the first win for the Jets, but not after they blow a big lead. Regardless, by this point the Jets are 1-4

Week 6- New England Patriots at the New York Jets

Really nothing can be said here. Jets 1-5

Week 7- New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

After the Jets get embarrassed by the Pats, they will be playing with a major chip on their shoulder. In fact, after the Jets loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 2, I see them bouncing back in this game and somehow winning. Their record at this point is 2-5.

Week 8- Atlanta Falcons at the New York Jets

If we get the same Falcons team that was an offensive juggernaut in 2016, the Jets will get embarrassed here. However, there happens to be a tendency where there is a hangover for the team that lost the Super Bowl the previous year. However, for the sake of this argument, I will say that the Jets lose here and fall to 2-6.

Week 9- Buffalo Bills at the New York Jets (Thursday Night Football)

I don’t see this being good for the Jets. They are coming off a short week and are facing an AFC East rival. I also suspect that we will see Christian Hackenberg by this point. Unfortunately, I see the Jets losing here and falling to 2-7.

Week 10- New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Heading into a bye week, I see the Jets winning here in some sort of fluke way. Jets record at this point is 3-7

Week 11- Bye Week

There is no way the Jets lose this week

Week 12- Carolina Panthers at New York Jets

The Panthers will be playing meaningful football

Week 13- Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets

I don’t know how the Jets will be able to defeat a team like the Chiefs who plays well in December

Week 14-  New York Jets at Denver Broncos

Long day for the Jets and Hackenberg with the Broncos defensive line

Week 15- New York Jets at New Orleans Saints

The Saints are a tough team to beat at home. At this point the Jets are 3-11

Week 16- Los Angeles Chargers at the New York Jets

I see the Jets somehow winning this game. their record is 4-11

Week 17- New York Jets at the New England Patriots

Do the Jets even need to show up, they have no shot at winning.

Overall I see the Jets going 4-12 in the 2017 season

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