Pretty Little Liars: Without a doubt, Veronica Hastings is A.D.

I’ve been saying this all along– Uber A or A.D is acting off emotion. These killings and games are like crimes of passion. When a person is hurt, pissed off or being protective there are no lengths to which they will go to do what they feel is right. Damn the consequences and repercussions, the only that matters is getting even. With that said– the finger must be pointed at Veronica Hastings as Uber A.

Think back to the beginning, no the actually start of it all.

Peter Hastings, the loving, father and husband is nothing more than a cheater and liar. From the start, we knew nothing about him except that he was a lawyer plus the father to Spencer and Melissa. Oh, how we have learned the truth now. Peter has kids running all around Rosewood and only seems to claim two. What about the others?

But through it and standing by his side at times, has been his loving with Veronica.

My Pretty Little Liars Theory has always been built on revenge. We’re just learning that Peter cheated on Veronica with Mary Drake, which produced Spencer. However, we also know that he cheated with her twin sister Jessica who gave birth to Jason. To add up the totals, that’s three kids by three different women and he only chose to acknowledge two.

Now fast forward to that fateful day when Alison was supposedly killed.

It all began with Alison sleeping with Melissa’s boyfriend Ian. Melissa finds out and Alison threatens her with a tape. Not sure if Melissa ran to her mother or not but let’s say that she did– what would Veronica have done? For any parent, our first reaction is to protect our children. As Alison went along with her day, it gave Veronica time to plan. She knew that Ali was a bad seed with the way she treated Spencer and her friends, she may have felt it was time to put an end to this.

Her first part of the plan was to kill her but he knew she couldn’t do it herself. This is where the story gets tricky with so many moving parts.

When news broke that Alison went missing it offered a relief of sorts for Veronica who no longer had to kill a child. But what it didn’t do was quench her thirst for revenge. She could hate her husband forever but killing him would leave their children without a father and that’s something she didn’t want to do. Which brings us to the old saying– “A woman scorned”.

Here is what I figured happened.

Alison is out the picture, but Veronica now has plans for bigger fish. Her main target is the rest of the DiLaurentis family. Maybe she approaches Charlotte who may or may not be Peter’s child and they devise a plan. The plan is for Charlotte to keep the girls occupied while Veronica takes out the strays. Since Jason is another child being exploited as a DiLaurentis, Veronica must find a way to cause him pain. The best way to do that is through the heart. Charlotte posed as CeCe, flirted with Jason, even started a weird relationship with him but yet never indulged in any sexual activity– which drove Jason nuts. By this time Jason didn’t know the truth about his father but Veronica or A.D. wasn’t going to let that go on for too long.

While Charlotte terrorized the girls Veronica made her the move on taking out one of the people who has caused so much heartache– Jessica DiLaurentis. Her murder is still unsolved but the girls knew it was ‘A’ . However,  Charlotte would never hurt her mother which brings us to the only person with enough hatred to end her life– Veronica.

Fast forward to the situation that caused the girls to return to Rosewood and it all makes sense.

Someone killed Charlotte and the reason I believe that Veronica killed her was because Alison had turned Charlotte. She was getting better and Veronica figured she might eventually talk one day. This is where Mary comes into play now. Once she found out that her daughter was dead, Mary came running back to Rosewood but she did she so in hiding to protect herself from someone. That someone is Veronica.

In ‘Playtime’ you saw Veronica’s reaction when Spencer mentioned her name. It was pure rage. But it was something else that made me continue to point the finger at Veronica. She came home without Peter. She told Spencer that Peter had issues with his passport and couldn’t return. Did Veronica finally kill him or does she have him locked up somewhere? Now that Veronica knows that Mary is back in town, the hunt will be on for her.

When Charlotte told Alison the reason she did what she did to Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Hanna were out of jealousy it set the stage for AD. Veronica is full of anger and hurt as she has had to raise another woman’s baby while living next door to her husband’s other child all within the same family. Add to the fact that her daughter Spencer is best friends with the child that her husband cheated on and it’s enough to drive any sane person– insane.

Veronica makes the perfect A.D.




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