Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets live stream: Where to watch NBA Playoffs online

Welcome back my Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets fans. Below is a link to where you can watch NBA Playoffs online

Russell Westbrook and the Thunder will take on James Harden and the Rockets Wednesday. The Link is provided below.


Every day from now until the end of the season I will do my best to provide links to either watch or listen live to all NBA games. If you’re like me then you’re always on the go. I work in a restaurant, mostly nights during game times and usually have to search all over the web to see who’s streaming games just so I am able to watch while at work.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please remember that some stations may offer a stream or regular telecast. It all depends on your regional coverage. Some teams will offer streams but if the game is not sold out thy may also decide to blackout said game. I know, I hate it too. It’s all about money but I will still do my best to offer you the best LEGAL way to watch your favorite team. Please keep in mind that TV streams are also available on some phones, but mostly tablets and computers so please check both links. Most online streams are paid, but the TV streams are free depending on your cable provider.

We have the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets. The game is televised on TNT.

Here is where you can watch or listen to the Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets stream.

Date: Wednesday, April 19

Start Time: 8:00 p.m. (EST)

Online Stream: TNT

TV Stream:  TNT

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