New York Knicks: As long as Phil Jackson and James Dolan run the team, they won’t be successful

As a fan of the New York Knicks, I feel they won’t return to their glory days until James Dolan and Phil Jackson are out of the picture entirely. However, it seems that Phil Jackson is not being a “leader” and taking responsibility for the terrible season the Knicks had. Instead, he’s pushing the blame fully on the players.

This has led to guys like Porzingis being so upset at management that he declined to do any of the exit interviews last week. Also it, seems that he’s also blaming Carmelo Anthony. It’s getting to the point that he said publicly last week, “Maybe he would be better on a another team.” There are times in life when it is better to just keep your mouth close and not open it at all.

By saying that you are essentially exiling Carmelo Anthony out of New York and you are pretty much guaranteeing that no big name free agents will even consider talking to the Knicks this off-season. If you look at the mindset of Blake Griffin, who will be a free agent as his contract is wrapping up in Los Angeles. Why would he even think about coming to the Knicks or even talk to them if the management will throw their players under the bus instead of taking responsibility?

As long as James Dolan and Phil Jackson are still running this team and digging the hole, the Knicks won’t be relevant. I am not defending Carmelo Anthony because he may do better on another team, but the course that the Knicks took is immature and not professional.

So when the Knicks flop again next season, I don’t want people to complain about it. Phil Jackson has been nothing but a nightmare for this team and is one of the worst people to be in a management position. Jackson as a coach I will certainly say that he is one of the best. However, he is one of the worst executives in any sport.

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