WWE: The booking of Roman Reigns is getting confusing

It seems that the WWE is almost not sure how they want to book Roman Reigns.

While the WWE Universe boos him every shot they got, the WWE is still pushing him as a babyface. Since he has been a singles wrestler, there has been a plethora of times where the WWE could finally pull the trigger and turn him heel. The feeling was that the WWE was going to turn him heel after he defeated the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. It really seemed that they were finally going to have him go full heel at the RAW after Wrestlemania. However, last week, at the first show at the Nassau Coliseum, they essentially kept Roman Reigns as a babyface. In that same segment, they essentially turned Braun Strowman as a face as well.


It has been reported for some time that the WWE wants Roman Reigns to be the next top babyface. They want him to take over for John Cena once his time is up. However, it seems that he is an example of a superstar who is better as a heel than a babyface. If you look back in the history of the WWE, there were plenty wrestlers who were better as a heel or vice versa.

One that comes to mind right off the back is the Rock, Roman Reign’s cousin. When he first came up, the Rock was originally going as Rocky Maivia and was a babyface. However, over time, the WWE realized that he was a better heel than face and the rest is history. However, there have been wrestlers who were better faces than heels.

One example of this is the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. He was a better face than heel because of his great mic work that could connect with the audience on every level. They saw him as the common man. In regards to Roman Reigns, I do not understand why the WWE is choosing to keep him as a babyface when it is not clearly working.

My message to the WWE is make up your minds on how you want to push Roman Reigns. It seems they flip back and forth with him and I know that it is becoming very confusing to the WWE universe.

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