Is Josh Brolin a good fit as Cable in Deadpool 2?

Well, at least one thing off my list of worries has been crossed off. Deadpool 2 has finally cast Cable. Josh Brolin of Thanos fame will be set to play everyone’s favorite son of Cyclops, Nathan Summers. Rumors have swirled from everyone under the sun being linked to Cable. At one point, I coulda swore my name was linked to the project. Ultimately, Josh Brolin was announced to take the helm.

But is he the right one for the role?

With how shockingly successful the first Deadpool was, are fans willing to give Fox a free pass with this one? His screen time in superhero films has been a cameo at best, can he make the turn and be part of a comedy?


Let’s not act like they just went out and got the guy who nailed a spot on Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3. In case you were wondering just how good he can be, Brolin was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor in Milk(2008). He also starred in another Academy Award winning film in 2007’s No Country For Old Men. If you go back far enough, you’d even see his name attached to a cult classic The Goonies.

Like newly announced co-star Ryan Reynolds, Brolin is no stranger to the superhero-based films. Not only has he been the voice of Thanos, he appeared as Jonah Hex in 2010. Much like Reynolds portrayal of Green Lantern, Brolin’s Jonah Hex was easily forgotten. Fortunately for him, the success of the film, or lack of, didn’t fall squarely on him.


Maybe Josh Brolin isn’t the most popular choice to play Cable in the Deadpool sequel. However, the same sense of humor that made people crack up at Van Wilder, is on center stage in Deadpool. Throw in the always hilarious TJ Miller and they could’ve cast any schmuck with a pulse. Luckily for them, they snagged someone with a pretty decent acting resume. Josh Brolin as Cable doesn’t need to steal the show, he just needs to do just enough to not sink the ship. He might not be your first pick, but based on his past work fans will be more than happy with the choice.

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