Grey’s Anatomy: Rating the dysfunctional bond between Meredith and her three sisters

You know the old saying “we don’t choose our family”. This saying holds especially true for Meredith Grey. Throughout her time on Grey’s Anatomy, she has met three different women that have barged into her life without warning.

This is what family does. You take the good with the bad.

For a closed-in person like Meredith, opening up to someone other than Derek or Webber was not in the cards in the beginning.  If you were to rate Meredith’s bond with her three sisters how would you do so?

We all like a little dysfunction in our lives but what these women have in common may go far beyond that. They can argue, fight, not speak to each other for days (even living in the same house) and still go save a patient’s life as if nothing happened. It took some time but Meredith had to realize that this is what sisters go through.



When Lexie first arrived, Meredith wouldn’t offer her a conversation. To Meredith, she was the child that destroyed her family. Lexie and Meredith are half-sisters, pretty much the same as she and the other two but as time moved on their bond got stronger. Over the years they learned to tolerate each other, however, there was still a disconnect. The blame belongs to Meredith and her selfish ways. In those days it was all about Derek and no one else. It seemed the more Lexie tried, the farther away Meredith pushed. Before Lexie’s death, their was a mutual respect and love there but it would’ve been better if Meredith just allowed herself a moment to get to know her sister better.

Rating 7


Yes, there are sisters. Not in the sense that Maggie and Lexie are but in-laws still count. From the beginning, it was pure hate. In Meredith’s eyes, Amelia was a person who screwed up one too many times. Their relationship started rocky, proceed to get rockier but when Derek died it hit rock bottom. Amelia blamed Meredith for not doing more and Meredith’s dislike grew stronger. However, they have sort of mended fences but every now and again through dry humor, you can hear their resentment rear its ugly head. But see, that’s what makes them so great. There is no real need for them to interact with each other but yet, they are drawn to one another.

Rating 10



Their relationship is much like Meredith’s and Lexie’s. Maggie is the child that Ellis Grey had with Richard Webber. After giving birth, Maggie was adopted and raised by another family. When she found out the truth she wanted to know more about who she was. Maggie, much like Lexie before her has tried everything to get close to Meredith. In the beginning, it was rough but maybe seeing her errors with Lexie she let Maggie in quicker. Their bond is still not as strong as it should be but they have hope. Their relationship is the best out of Meredith and her sisters and that’s because Maggie doesn’t give up. She was determined to be a part of Meredith’s life and once Meredith realized she couldn’t push her away, she accepted the realization that she has to put forth an effort.

Rating 3

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