The Blacklist: Demba has every right to be mad at Red

April 20th is the day we find out why Demba did what he did to Raymond Reddington on The Blacklist. Was it personal, part of a plan or was he really looking out for his friends’ best interest? Right now, we have no idea.  All we know is that ‘Red’ was drugged by Demba and then vanished.

In a spot for the upcoming episode ‘Demba Zuma’ we see Red and Demba in what looks to be a church talking. Demba feels the weight of the world on his shoulders and he tells Red he’s sorry for what he did. What he’s speaking of is not protecting Mr. Kaplan (Kate) when it was known that Red was going to kill their friend.


Demba is loyal, almost to a fault but even loyalty has its limits.

Demba didn’t wish to kill Red when he poisoned him. He knew that Red would seek help and that’s the reason why he dropped him off to his medical staff. However, the reasoning behind his action is still blurry. Did he want to save Red from something or just open his eyes to the pain that he has caused everyone around him?

You could see the pain in Demba’s demeanor after Red shot Kate. He never really questioned Red’s motives but you got the sense that he wanted to. Demba has stood by Red during good and bad times and maybe he just wanted some time alone to get his thoughts together. It’s hard to do that when your boss is the most wanted man in the world and every day your either ducking bullets, arranging some shady business deal or listening to one of Red’s long-drawn-out stories.

Such is the life for Demba.

If anyone has the right to be angry at Red, it’s his most trusted soldier. The question is– how will Reddington react when he comes face-to-face with him? Will he treat Demba the same as he did Kate or will he be willing to forgive his friend?

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