Orange Is The New Black: Did Daya shoot the officer or did she get shot in new Season 5 promo?

It’s about to go down in Season 5 of Orange is the New Black. A promo video was released earlier today and explosive is not the word to best describe it. When we left our favorite inmates at the end of Season 4 they were still reeling from the death of Poussey. The end scene shows Daya with a gun pointing toward officer Humphrey who in all instances is the real cause for this riot.

The question on everyone’s mind is– did Daya shoot him at point-blank range, did she shoot the ceiling or did she herself get shot?


At the end of the clip after Daya is telling everyone to be quiet, the camera goes black and we hear a shot and a thud. However, we have no idea what happened when the gun goes off. The thud could be anything or anyone but with the direction the show has been heading since the middle of Season 4, there’s no telling as anyone’s life could be in the balance.

But not Daya’s right?

We love this lady here. She fell in love with a guard, got pregnant and watched as her baby was lost to the system, all the while the father just vanished. Day’s mother, Aleida was recently released from prison right before the riot incident happened and she told Gloria to watch after her. Well, that didn’t work out so well.

To place the gun in the hands of such a beloved character is the same as taking the energy of Poussey from the show. There will be no punches held in Season 5.

Orange Is The New Black will return to Netflix June 9th, 2017


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