WWE: Mauro Ranallo seems more than likely done, according to reports

It seems more than likely that Mauro Ranallo is done being the voice of Smackdown and 205 Live.


Mauro Ranallo is a decorated combat sports analyst who is currently the lead announcer for Showtime Boxing and recently has deleted all mentions of WWE from his Twitter account. There are several sources that are indicating that Ranallo is not expected to appear on WWE TV for the rest of his WWE contract. He originally signed with the WWE in December of 2015. Mauro’s contract is set to expire in August of 2017. Since he has been with the WWE, he has injected a new breed of announcing matches.

He missed his first broadcast on March 14th and it was mentioned that it was due to the blizzard that slammed the northeast. Then he missed the next one and Tom Phillips said it was due to him being sick. As of this writing, he has not been seen on either Smackdown or 205 Live. Unfortunately, the reason for the absence of Mauro has been what has attracted the main stream attention. In case, you are not aware, Mauro Ranallo has been suffering from bi-polar and depression.

While nothing is yet confirmed, several sites have indicated that Mauro Ranallo’s broadcast partner on Smackdown, JBL, has been bulling him behind the scenes. Since the news about Mauro being bullied has come out, there have been other wrestlers who have all said the similar thing. JBL is a bully. I find it disgusting, but not surprised that bullying continues in the work world. As someone who has been bullied in his life, it is not pleasant and does hurt your self esteem.

However, if the reports are true that JBL bullied Mauro Ranallo enough that he quit his job, then the finger should be pointed at JBL. As someone who has been bullied quite a lot over his life, it is tough to face someone who is constantly bullying you. If you take someone like Mauro who has suffered from depression and bi-polar, it doesn’t help the situation. While WWE probably won’t punish JBL in any way or shape, I feel they should because he won’t learn his lesson and will go and bully someone else.

The Wrestling Inscriber wishes Mauro Ranallo all the best as he tries to get his life in order and this situation behind him. Also to our readers, if you are suffering from some sort of mental illnesses or know of someone who is suffering from it, then go help them or at least get them in the right direction.

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