Prison Break: What the hell happened in 7 years?

Did we wait 7 years for this? When news broke that our favorite escapees were returning to Fox for another season of Prison Break we were happy and yet confused. Didn’t Michael Scofield die? When the promos hit the airwaves we were left dumbstruck at the revelation that he was somehow still alive.

It wasn’t the fact that he faked his own death but wasn’t Michael diagnosed with a brain tumor and not giving too much time to live? Well, seven years later we find out not only is he alive but he’s in prison– again.

But it wasn’t just Michael’s story that sent shockwaves through the pulse of viewers.


Lincoln is back to a life of crime. Sara is remarried, C-Note is a Muslim, T-Bag is now part robot and– where the hell is Maricruz? For 4 years that’s all we heard from Sucre’s mouth and the first moment we hear him speak he’s going on and on about him being some International shipper.

What happened in 7 years?

What did Micheal do to be placed in one of the worst prisons in the world? Why did he feel the need to reach out to T-Bag first before he did anyone else? If Lincoln is in such a bad place– where did he get all this money to be traveling all over the world. I know we missed a lot but damn.

In typical Prison Break fashion, we’re left with more question than answers as episode 1 came to a close. Why did Micheal act like he didn’t know Lincoln and who are the people trying to kill Lincoln, Sara, and C-Note?

The only thing that did piss me off was the fact that Sara’s new husband survived the attack. When we last saw the gun it was pointed towards his upper body yet he was shot in the leg. I love Michael and Sara together so why not just kill the husband off early? Is he a part of the conspiracy?

The Company is over so this is a new threat that maybe Micheal double-crossed in those missing 7 years. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of everything once Michael escapes this Prison. However, shouldn’t his face be well-known by now as the man who can’t be contained?

I’m ecstatic that the show is back but I’m curious to know what we missed in 7 years.

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