The Flash: 3 Villains we want in season 4.

With the news that season 4 of the Flash won’t contain a speedster as their main villain, we’re left to wonder who could be next in line. So many of Flash’s greatest foes have already appeared on the show. However, too many appearances have been wasted on one and done story arcs. Flash’s bigger foes like Weather Wizard and Gorilla Grodd have been used sparingly but fans have not been cheated. I understand that Grodd is an expensive character to master for the show so a season-long arc might not be possible. However here are some characters who could be an interesting season-long arc.

[Rick] 3. Killer Frost:

With the Flash already teasing and showing the turn of Caitlyn Snow to Killer Frost there’s more than just a one and done. There’s a great opportunity to bring back Robbie Amell’s Ronnie Raymond to the show. Sure they’ve said he’s dead, but cmon is anyone ever really dead in the comics? Where there’s a will there’s a way. Even if he wasn’t an actual character, he could be the voice of reason in Caitlyn’s head. The show could tap into the comics where she finds out Firestorm’s powers temporarily heal her condition. Between this realization and Ronnie’s voice in her head, it could be the only way to keep her tethered to Caitlyn Snow. Then it would be up to Team Flash to help or stop her Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde ways.

2. Mirror Master:

One of the episodes I thought the show would let me down. The character carries such weight in the comics, it’d be a shame if they didn’t get it right. I hope they use him again. Along with not having another speedster in season 4, the producers have spoken out against time travel. With a villain like Mirror Master, Barry could easily be reminded of his past mistakes in both his current timeline or Flashpoint. Having the power over mirrors to reflect back on Flash’s prior mistakes would be a great tool to bring in and not have to keep using time travel. With his ability to capture his foes in mirrors, it could force Barry to relive some of his most painful memories without having to go to the time travel well again.

1. Captain Cold:

I know this is next to impossible with the character’s arc on Legends of Tomorrow. Again, this is the comic world. Nothing would be greater than seeing the return of one of Flash’s biggest rivals. Imagine a story arc where Killer Frost brings back the king of cold, Captain Cold. With Leonard Snart being top 2 in Flash’s comic book villains, it’d be a shame to only use the character for one season. Killer Frost could easily trick Cisco/Vibe into bringing in another Earth’s version of the character. Without Snart at least out there somewhere, it just doesn’t seem like the same Flash.
No matter who the villain is or isn’t in season 4, Flash keeps rolling along. There are so many comic counterparts that have made their appearance, but has the show used them too soon? If the show wants to continue on for seasons to come, they’ll eventually have to circle back to their biggest of characters. In three seasons we’ve seen Zoom, Reverse Flash, Grodd, and Savitar. They’ve had burned through Mirror Master, Pied Piper, Weather Wizard and Trickster. At their current pace, there’s not much left to choose from. Time travel might not be a device they want to overuse. However, it won’t be long before they need to go back and bring these characters back to light. Season 3 of the Flash continues on April 25th on the CW.

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