No Live Streaming for shows like The Flash, Arrow has The CW Network falling behind

As technology grows companies are forced to adapt to the changes. In TV this is most important. The goal is to keep your fans happy and coming back every day if you can. Major TV Networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and others have decided to join the crowd when it comes to Live Streaming their show. However, there is one Network that has not followed suit. The CW Network.

The CW Network may not house-top programs like Chicago Fire, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy or Empire but that doesn’t mean their viewers are lacking for a great scripted show. Shows like The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and the new Riverdale have their core audience but CW has yet to accommodate the working or family class of viewers.


Live Streaming is the new wave of TV. It used to be DVR-ing but now we have the chance to watch our favorite shows while we’re at work or at an event with the click of a mouse or touchscreen. I love being on a late road trip and knowing I can watch Prison Break while on the road. But I cannot forget that I am a fan of Arrow as well and will have to wait at least an hour or so after the show airs to get a peek at what millions saw earlier.

What’s the hold-up?

There were reports that CW was working with CBS and Time Warner to offer streaming service but all we’ve gotten so far is a notification option letting us now that were an hour behind and the show is now ready to be streamed. This will not cut it if they wish to keep loyal fans. Streaming services opens the door, not only for a show to stay relevant but the Network as well.

Fans of The Flash and other hit shows have taken notice and complain every week about the lack of direction CW has shown over the years. At some point, the head honchos will be forced to upgrade their services or downgrade their primetime schedule due to lack of viewers.

I have to head to work tonight, so I guess I’ll be seeing Arrow around 11 pm instead of its normal time. Thanks for nothing CW.

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