SPOILER ALERT Grimm Season Finale

Tonight we say goodbye to a long-running show that I have watched. Grimm has ended its series after 6 years it has come to a shocking close. I have been a loyal fan since it debuted in 2011 I have grown with the characters. For instance when you first meet the main character Nick Burkhardt he doesn’t even know he has these special powers.


Last week the show left off with 2 of the most popular secondary character Detectives Hank and Wu being killed.  They were killed by the Zerstorer who seems at the time very unbeatable.  He is a strong wesen and does not seem to have any weak points.  At first, the Nick and his crew think the Zerstorer is after Diana and Kelly.  So Nick and the rest of the crew try to figure out the best way to protect Diana and Kelly.  After figuring out a way to get into the alternate universe Eve and Nick’s head over there to take on the Zerstorer.  But it turns out that is exactly what the Zerstorer wanted. He got them where he wanted but spared Nick’s life. The episode ended with Hank and Wu dying and Nick being thrown across the room.

This week the finale started out where it left off with Nick confused as to why he had been spared and Hank and Wu dead.  As the episode progressed more people were killed more people who were close to Nick.  Starting with his ex-wife/lover Juliette/Eve.  It then moved on to kill the rest of the people Nick cares about when an all out fight started.  This is where Renard another secondary character got killed.  While this was going on Rosalee and Adaline were working on a potion that would have helped kill the Zerstorer.  They finished it threw it at him and it did not work therefore he took the lives of Rosalee (who was pregnant) and Munroe (her husband).

He also managed to kill Adaline after he killed everyone else outside he turned his eyes to Trubel and Kelly and Diana who were inside trying to get away from him.  It is here we discover that the Zerstorer was looking for the stick that Nick had and not Diana and Kelly.

He then kills Trubel but also brings her back to life to show Nick that all he has to do is give him the stick and he will bring everyone he has killed back to life.  Without hesitation Nick will give him the stick but before he does Trubel attempts to stop him and they fight.  Nick wins the fight and is ready to give the stick to the Zerstorer but is interrupted. He is interrupted by his dead mother and grandmother. And with all 4 of them fighting side by side they defeat the Zerstorer.  After this happens a portal opens up and sucks Nick through.

When he awakes everyone he cared about was back alive as if nothing happened they all have no clue what happened. The only people who know are Nick and Diana.  Just as the show was coming to an end they flash forward 20 years.  You see Kelly and Diana and Diana starts talking about going to kill Wesen with Mom and Dad and the triplets.

In conclusion, this means that Rosalee and Munroe had triplets and that Nick and Adaline are still together. I believe that they can do a spin-off with all of them I for one would watch.  I am sad that this show is ending but I am hopeful that we will see a spin-off.

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