Grey’s Anatomy: Webber must step up and be a dad to Maggie

From the beginning, you got the sense that Richard Webber commanded respect inside Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. However, that’s what’s portrayed within the halls and not outside. In ‘Be Still, My Soul’ Webber had, not one but a few chances to be that figure for Maggie but he decided to pass.

Early on we could have made the argument that he was new to the whole father/daughter dynamic as Maggie just burst into his life but that moment is long gone now. He may not have had put in the necessary time with Maggie but he sure as hell as had the same moments with Meredith.


I guess with Meredith it’s as little different as he knows in the back of his mind that no matter what happens at the end of the day, she’s not his. But Maggie is and it’s time they both start acting like it.

I really thought this would be the episode. I figured with her mother dying and Maggie going all Rouge One with the clinical trial that Richard would be the one to reel her back in. However, he was nowhere to be found when she needed him most.

His best chance to console his daughter was right after her mother informed Maggie that she was going to end the trail.  As Maggie stood in the hallway obviously hurt, Richard approached and I would have bet my life savings that this was the moment where he becomes a parent.

I would be broke right now.

In that one scene, Richard had two chances to take a stand. There was no hug or any kind of protective parenting advice. He treated her as if she was just another Dr. or stranger coming off the street. But she’s not, she’s his daughter. Then, to add injury to insult, Maggie says “I wish my dad was here”. The look on Webber’s face said a million words with the pain and embarrassment etched across his skin, but yet, he did or said nothing.

The next scene was with Maggie looking over her mother’s charts and when the door opened I thought it world be Webber saying “your dad is here” but it was Riggs proving that Webber waisted another golden opportunity.

It’s clear that Maggie is in search of that figure. She has a father who showed up at the hospital later on but the connection that she’s seeking from Webber will never be if he doesn’t make the first move. Not saying he failed with Meredith but that ship has long sailed. They have a father/daughter relationship but that’s based more on history than blood.

Grey’s Anatomy has held our emotions hostage for 13 seasons as we watched multiple relationships either blossom or fade away but the main one that we have yet to encounter is one of pride.

As Webber has dealt with this fight between he, Bailey, Minnick and Catherine it’s clear he needs something or someone to lean on. This is where Maggie should come into play.

After Be Still, My Soul’, it’s obvious they both will need someone to lean on and it’s only right they start with one another. There’s nothing like that father/daughter relationship. It’s time that Webber learns that.

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