Spider-man Homecoming: Trailer #2

Tom Holland broke onto the screen in Captain America: Civil War as Spider-man. Even with his short appearance in the film he stole the show. With the fast-paced action and witty one-liners, Holland quickly became a fan favorite.

[Rick] In a complicated agreement, Marvel and Sony worked out a deal that would allow Spider-man to be used in the MCU so long as the studio helped build the character up for Sony’s stand alone films. That being said, Spider-man was in Civil War and Marvel loaned Robert Downey Jr, as Tony Stark, to Spider-man Homecoming to complete the shared universe. Can Marvel’s star power brighten an all to dim Spider-man reception?


While the casting of Spider-Man Homecoming is about as big as it still seems to be lacking. With the latest trailer, even with Tony Starks witty banter, nothing seemed to stand out. This iteration of Spider-man seems no different than the Tobey McGuire version done years ago. There’s not much more to distance itself from the Andrew Garfield version either.

Now before everyone jumps on the hate wagon, I have no doubt in seeing the movie. With a younger version of Peter Parker that fits the traditional role, it will stay true to the comics. Even with the cast including Robert Downey Jr, Michael Keaton, and Community favorite Donald Glover is enough to make me buy a ticket.

However, with Justice League, Thor, Wonder Woman and even Star Wars Homecoming has a lot to compete against this year. If a trailer flops, studios might take an initial hit at the box office until word of mouth catches on. This version of Peter Parker might have the backing of the MCU, but so far nothing about the character screams anything different from what we’re used to seeing. Hopefully, by July 7th’s release date the studio will change my mind.

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