Oakland Raiders: It’s official now, Raiders to Las Vegas shows disrespect to loyal fans

The Oakland Raiders will be no more as it was announced that their move to Las Vegas has met the NFL requirements and received enough votes. This is indeed a bittersweet day in the NFL. The Raiders have been synonymous with California since their birth in 1960. Now, there will be no more Silver & Black in Los Angeles or Oakland.


As great as a move this is for the city of Las Vegas it has to be considered a punch in the face to loyal Raiders fans in California. This is one team many figured would never leave. Al Davis has to be rolling over in his grave right now.

What does this mean for the Raiders, Oakland, and Las Vegas?

For the Raiders it means a fresh start. The fan base will travel but in Vegas, it won’t be the same. Vegas has residents but will they come in droves like St. Louis did for the Rams or will they be a bit cautious at first? The City of Oakland will be hit the hardest as they were just now warming up to a team that had Super Bowl dreams in 2016. They will have the Raiders for the upcoming 2016 and 2017 season but after that, they will vanish into the dry heat of Nevada.

Vegas is the clear winner where. The tourist attraction already does well and now you can add the financial windfall that is sure to come with a loyal and ready-made NFL team and fan base attached. Couple that with the new NHL team and Vegas is set for a financial boom in the next few years.

All this is due to the City not wanting to build a new stadium for either the Raiders or the Oakland A’s. The Raiders are the only NFL team that still shares a stadium with an MLB team. This is how the city replays their loyal fans. To let the Raiders just walk out the door is nonsense. Now what?

Do they lobby for another team now or just sit there and watch as countless Raiders fans drag their feet on the public street every Sunday because some cannot afford to travel the 8 hours to see their favorite team? This is not a joke.

What happens in the last two seasons when fans won’t attempt to show up in Oakland knowing they’re on borrowed time? It’s hard to get behind a team that you know will be leaving soon. The move is great for the Vegas, however, it sucks for the Raiders and their fans.


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