In Addition To Gambling, Las Vegas Has A Collection Of Marvelous Live Shows

In Las Vegas, it’s imperative that you check out a show. On my latest trip to Sin City, I was fortunate enough to see some of the entertainment Vegas has to offer. From America’s Got Talent winners to Cirque De Soleil, there was plenty of entertainment to keep me satisfied.

If you’ve never seen America’s Got Talent you are probably not aware of Mat Franco. The magician won the 9th season of the show. With a blend of comedy and magical acts, his Vegas show was exactly what you would expect from an AGT winner.


All of Franco’s signature tricks are on display. If you’ve seen Talent, you’ll no doubt recognize some of his act, but he
also shows off some new material as well. As usual, Franco does a lot of work with a deck of cards, doing some things you might have thought impossible before witnessing. Regardless if you’ve seen AGT or not, Franco is certainly a must for Vegas guests.

From one Talent winner to another, Terry Fator won the 2nd season of the show. He’s been a staple on the Vegas strip for almost 10 years. With his show at the Mirage selling out nearly every night, Fator is a true master of his craft, ventriloquism.

With a collection of puppets at his disposal, Fator is truly unique. He’s an impressionist and singer and showcases that during his 90-minute show. Wether it’s singing a country song with his puppet, Walter T. Airdale or smooth jazz with puppet, Julius, Fator always brings his A-game. Of all the characters we meet, Winston and Dougie are by far the best, but you won’t find any weak links in Fator’s army.

One thing Vegas is known for is Cirque De Soleil. With more than 5 different shows on the strip, the magnificent company puts on some remarkable shows. I was able to catch Mystere at Treasure Island, and I wasn’t disappointed.

With a collection of acrobatics, comedy, and music, Mystere was a truly magical event. While the story was a bit out there, the overall experience was well worth the price of admission. The theater at Treasure Island was perfectly set up for the show. However, make sure to take a seat in the back, as not everything is visible from a front row location.

Overall, the shows I saw on my recent trip to Vegas were quite good. It’s impossible to rank them, as all were a different type of spectacle. Upon my next trip, I’d love to see more Cirque De Soleil. And with a changing lineup of shows, you’ll never know what kind of act you’ll see on the Vegas strip. That’s just the beauty of Las Vegas.

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