Justice League trailer instant reactions

The official Justice League trailer dropped today and I couldn’t be more excited. Something about this trailer had a different feel than previous iterations of DC movies. The movie had an upbeat vibe, sarcastic wit, and amazing visual effects.

Then I watched it again.


Something about this trailer made me briefly replay the events of Batman V Superman in my head. In the 2 minute and 30-second trailer, all the sudden the set up appears to pay off. While BvS may have been a dud in critics minds, Justice League may bump it a point or two. Way back when I first reviewed BvS I pointed out that the movie felt like it lacked something. My initial impression was it was a stepping stone to a bigger and better film.

This appears to be the case after watching the Justice League trailer.

Nothing DC to date has looked this fun. With that being said, the most notable things that went through my head when watching:

-Alright slow start, already bored.

-Oh cool, Motherbox.

-Only Jason Mamoa could make Aquaman look bad ass.

-Not what I expected out of Cyborg but not terrible.

-“You’re the Batman?” .. cannot wait for this initial encounter.

-Say what you will, Wonder Woman looks bad ass.

“What are your superpowers again?!?”, “I’m rich.” .. HA!

-Good tune!

-What the hell is Batman driving!!

-Special effects are going to make Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen look great!

-Mera and Henry Allen!

-Holy sh*t! an all out war!

-Jim Gordon!

I know you read that and thought “that’s a lot of exclamation points”. Anything less and I doubt you’d see the excitement. Before you let any of the nay-sayers get in your head, there’s a lot going on in this trailer. First Wonder Woman, now Justice League looks like it will be visually stunning to viewers. The special effects appear to be on display in these films. In addition, while visually it appears to be in the same dark universe the trailer did have a lighter side to it. Critics have blasted DC for the lack of lighter tone and maybe this can shut them up. The trailer teased a bunch and hopefully left some reveals.

It’s hard to get excited knowing the track record of their previous films. However, Justice League just needs to par the course in order to keep fans happy. It doesn’t need to be their biggest film to date although it appears it might be. The movie just has to be better than it’s predecessors in fans eyes to be a success. Justice League has the opportunity to turn the corner for the studio. Can they take advantage? Justice League is set to release November of 2017.

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