WWE has interest in buying Ring of Honor and it would benefit the WWE

There have reports circulating that WWE has expressed interest in buying out one of the major wrestling promotions around. Pro Wrestling Sheet was first to break the news, but they are hearing through sources that the WWE has had secret meetings with Sinclair Broadcasting, the parent company of Ring of Honor, for the WWE to buy them out. As the report went on to mention, they are just in the early stages of talks and nothing major is on the horizon.


It should be worth noting that this happened last year as WWE was interesting in purchasing TNA Wrestling. Those deals ended up falling through and nothing came from them. As far as WWE having interest in Ring of Honor, it would mean more content for the Network. If WWE were to acquire the fifteen year old promotion, it mean WWE would have access to all of the Ring of Honor tapes from 2002. This would also mean that the weekly Ring of Honor show would end up being part of the Network. One thing for certain, Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling would no longer be associated if Ring of Honor is sold to the WWE.

However, the big thing that is not known of when this was written is what happens to the Ring of Honor wrestlers. If WWE were to purchase Ring of Honor would they end up getting control of their contracts or would they have a chance to get out of their contracts. Another reason why WWE would do this is that then they could do several DVD’s on current WWE superstars and include their Ring of Honor runs. You have guys like Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Seth Rollins to name a few who started there careers off in Ring of Honor.

When Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet broke the news Wednesday night, he indicated that the talks are slowly progressing. He never indicated where the two companies currently stand. I would be very interested to see if this does happen for the fact that it would probably change the landscape of wrestling. We will keep you up to date to the on going talks between WWE and Ring of Honor.

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