Batman: 5 villains we want in the next movies.

Fans have been up in arms since the release of Batman V Superman. Some loved the movie, most others hated it. Now every bit of news surrounding future films is over analyzed with a fine toothed comb. One thing’s for certain, fans will always look forward to the next iteration of Batman.

It’ll be hard to go where their predecessors have not. However, there’s still a ridiculous amount of content that has yet to make it to the big screen. Marvel has done just fine taking stories from pages of the comics to the film. It’d be wise of DC to do the same. While the Dark Knight trilogy may be the character at his best, there are plenty of forgotten faces we’d like to see in the next go ‘round.


In no particular order …

Edward Nygma/The Riddler: One of the most notorious Batman villains to date and the most we’ve got was Jim Carrey’s version. While Carey made the character fun and enjoyable at the time we want more. The next version of Nygma needs to show off his superior intellect as well as his love of puzzles. Imagine the Jigsaw killer(saw) with less torture and more bravado.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: I have to believe, there has never been a more misrepresented character in movies. Her relationship to Batman has never been solidified by on-screen chemistry. The comics teeter back and forth between lust and justice. On screen, it’s never amounted to more than witty banter.

Floyd Lawton/Deadshot: Who better to show off Batman’s hatred for guns than an expert marksman. The coolest part about bringing Deadshot into the Batman universe would be allowing to see Batman’s arsenal of gadgets to counter them. However, Deadshot seemed tailor-made for the Suicide Squad movie in how he was portrayed. In order for him to fit in the DCEU with the likes of Batman, I feel they’d have to run an origin movie before the eventual Batman sequel. The earliest I could see him worked in would be after the next rebooted film.

Waylon Jones/Killer Croc: It’d be a shame to build such an amazing character up in Suicide Squad and then not use him for until the sequel. Something about Croc would bring a different face into the fold of Batman’s villains. While there may never be a movie with him as the main villain, a secondary villain would do the character some justice.

Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow: Nothing would show off the visual effects quite like hallucinations from fear toxin. Not many villains have appeared in more comics. His 896 comic appearance outrank Ra’s Al Ghul(591), Killer Croc(702), Riddler(828), and Mr. Freeze(596). For a character to be such a large part of the comics and have less screen time is a shame. Only the Joker/Harley Quinn, Penguin, and Two-Face appear more. Warner Bros/DC have gone the darker route with their characters so Scarecrow enticing Bruce’s greatest fears almost needs to happen. We were teased with a post-Robin world after BvS seems just as time as any to bring out that darkness inside of Bruce Wayne.*

*for more comic appearances check out Comic Vine

There you have it. Got an idea of which villain you’d like to see from the comics? Leave it in the comments or follow our Inscriber Entertainment page on Facebook.

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