ROH: Kenny King is one of the contestants on the upcoming Bachelorette

It is not uncommon for professional wrestlers to do projects outside of the square circle. However, it is not common that the professional wrestling world and “the Bachelor” franchise never cross paths. However, that is about to change as the upcoming season of the Bachelorette. It will feature someone who is a big name in the square circle.


As production is set to begin on the up coming season, creator Mike Fleiss tweeted a shot from behind the scenes. If you look closely at the picture and are a fan of professional wrestling, then there will be one guy in that picture who looks very familiar. Kenny King, who is best known for having runs in TNA and Ring of Honor. Unlike when he is trying to beat another wrestler in the ring, he will be fighting for the love of Rachel Lindsay, the first African- American bachelorette in the show’s history.

If you are not familiar with Kenny King, it is his charisma that fans noticed right away when he hits the screen. Whether it was with the All-Night Express with Rhett Titus, the X- Division champion or his run in the BDC in TNA, or his part in the Rebellion in ROH. He also has background as a Chippendales dancer, so he won’t have a problem finding love.

This also won’t be King’s first run with reality TV. He was apart of WWE’s Tough Enough years ago and it seemed that he was heading towards getting a WWE contract. However, WWE chose to give it to two other people and King would end up going on to the independent scene.

Another name of someone who made it in the professional wrestling landscape and have a run in reality TV is the Miz. Prior to the Miz coming to the WWE, he would appear on the MTV show The Real World. As the saying goes, wrestlers are actors who are playing a role. It won’t be tough for Kenny King on this show that gets started in May.

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