NBA: The Knicks need to be taken over like MLB took over the Dodgers in 2011

It is safe to say that the New York Knicks are the joke of the NBA. You have an organization that was ranked as the #1 most valuable team on a recent Forbes list but can not have a winning season. In the James Dolan era, the Knicks have only had three winning seasons. It is quite sad to see how a team that was once of the biggest teams in the NBA is now a joke. However, I have an idea on how you can save this organization.


If you recall back in 2011 when Major League baseball took over the Los Angeles Dodgers. They did that because the owners were having a lot of problems and it was causing problems with the team. Now, only a few years later, the Dodgers are one of the better teams in MLB. My plan is for the NBA to take over the Knicks and find new owners for this team. This probably won’t happen because the Knicks make a lot of money for the Dolan family, but enough is enough. Since he took over this team back in the late 1990’s, they have been one of the worst teams in the NBA.

I also feel the Knicks needs to get rid of Phil Jackson as well. Since he was brought into the fold a few years ago, the Knicks have not had a winning season. However, the fans of the Knicks could play into this a bit if they chose to. The way you do that is you stop attending Knicks games. As long as fans keep buying tickets to games, the Dolan family won’t sell the team. You need to hit them hard and hitting them in the pocket is the way to go. Under the leadership of Adam Sliver, the NBA has already done this with the situation that happened with the Los Angeles Clippers.

I am talking as a fan and a journalist. The NBA needs to take over ownership of the Knicks as soon as possible and help find owners who will make this team great to watch again. They should find owners who actually give a crap about winning and doesn’t alienate past players who helped that organization. I want to say that I am proud to be a fan of the New York Knicks, but as long as James Dolan is in charge I am getting more disappointed in this team.

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