WWE: The NXT Tag Team division will get affected big time after Wrestlemania

Since there has been this resurgence in NXT in the last couple of years, we have seen some great matches in every department. However, I see one specific division that will be hurting for a bit after Wrestlemania. The division I see having having a bit of problems is the tag team division. Right now, you have some of the best wrestling in that division, but I am looking at the division after Wrestlemania.


Right now you have #DIY, Authors of Pain, and the Revival who are running that division. Those three teams are set to have a match at the NXT Takeover Orlando event for the NXT Tag Titles and it is expecting to be a great match. However, there have been rumors that we will probably see the Revival and #DIY are expecting to be called up to the main roster. The Authors of Pain would end up being the only big name in the tag team division of NXT.

You have teams like TM-61, Heavy Machinery, and the team of Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe. I mentioned the last team because I could see them being the next ones to get a shot at the tag titles after Wrestlemania depending on who wins. I do not see the WWE pushing teams like Heavy Machinery as they have not been pushed as of late and TM-61 is not around right now as one of the members is recovering from an injury. While all the divisions of NXT will get affected, I see the tag team division being the one to get effected.

I see Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe as being the next ones in line as they are the ones who bring the credibility to the titles. Unfortunately, Heavy Machinery or TM-61 I don’t feel bring the credibility factor because Heavy Machinery is very rarely on TV. TM-61 has been injury prone lately and I don’t see WWE giving them a shot at the title.

NXT Takeover happens right before Wrestlemania in Orlando and will be headlined by Nakamura vs. Roode for the NXT title.

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