New York Giants Should Strongly Consider Signing New England Patriots’ LeGarrette Blount

Thus far, the New York Giants have not been as active in free agency like they were last year. They went on a spending spree that topped over $200 million. Instead, they have slowly added pieces to a team many felt could be a potential contender in the NFC East and the NFC Conference.

Players like Brandon Marshall, DJ Fluker, and Rhett Ellison were added in the first few days of free agency. But the Giants still have needs they have to address. They do have limited payroll space because the team placed the franchise tag on Jason Pierre-Paul, which would pay JPP $17 million if he chose to sign it.

Therefore, with the limited space available, they will have to restructure some contracts around because they still have areas to fill, some of which are on offense. Obviously, offensive tackle and tight end are still needs for the Giants. They may look to address one or both in the NFL Draft.


Running back might be another area the New York Giants could look too. They have released Rashad Jennings after three years. Leaving Paul Perkins and Shane Vereen as the two backs on the roster. Vereen though spent most of the last year injured and Perkins had limited playing time in his rookie season. Even if Perkins becomes the featured back, it would help the Giants to look for extra help. One particular name is still on the market unsigned: New England Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount.

The 30-year-old Blount did not re-sign with the Patriots. He led the NFL last season with 18 touchdowns to go along with 1,161 yards on 299 carries. Blount is that powerful type runner who is perfect for short-yardage situations. Which would explain the 18 touchdowns from a year ago and the six he had with the Patriots in 2015 in only 12 games.

For some Giants fans, Blount’s type of power running may remind them of what Brandon Jacobs was for them. Something the Giants have been missing since Jacobs’ departure several years ago. Back when Jacobs was part of the Giants, his running back tandem partner was Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw was the quicker of the two backs and the workhorse as well. Perkins could do for the Giants what Bradshaw once was for several years before moving on almost five years ago.


Part of the New York Giants issues at running back have been since the departure of both Jacobs and Bradshaw; the woes of the offensive line have not helped either, but some stability at running back would help. Having Perkins develop would certainly help, but having a complimentary back would definitely help in the offense.

This is where someone like Blount would help the Giants. Given the fact that he has not cost teams that much to sign him over the last few seasons, he is easily affordable. For over 1,000 yards and at least 10 touchdowns, his presence would certainly help any contending team’s offense, especially one like the Giants who desperately need help at running back.

For a team that is right on the cusp of being a perennial contender in the NFC, having someone like Blount would help the New York Giants offense in the 2017 season and thus, why they should explore signing him for next year.

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