Given The Popularity of Lucha Underground, Should Johnny Mundo Return To WWE?

WWE needs to consider bringing back John Morrison. The high-flying dynamo was one of the company’s most charismatic stars and was one of its best. With Smackdown Live and RAW looking to add talent to their rosters, a Morrison return should be in the cards.

Morrison, whose real name is John Hennigan, has a long history in wrestling. Not only was he developed by the company, he won the third season of the show, Tough Enough. If there ever was a homegrown talent, it was Morrison.

With successful runs as the WWE tag team champs with MNM and the Miz and an ECW Championship, he was one of the most glorified wrestlers in WWE for a good portion of the mid-2000’s. However, when Morrison’s contract expired in 2011, he went the independent route, which led him to Lucha Libre.


With the popularity of Lucha Underground on El Rey, Morrison (Who goes by Johnny Mundo on the show) has once again become a hot commodity. Going into the second half of Lucha’s third season, Mundo is the promotion’s champion. He is also on commercials for the El Rey network. Further solidifying himself as the face of the show.

Mundo is a big star in Mexico as well, winning the AAA Latin American Championship. He is the first American to hold the title in their history. That should give you a picture of how successful he has been without the WWE.

The question is, “Why would John Morrison leave Lucha Underground and AAA for WWE?” It is obvious it would be all about the money. With a lighter work schedule at the independent route, Morrison no doubt has an easier go of things. However, you know Vince McMahon would pay handsomely to get him back to the WWE.

With WWE always thirsting for talent, it would make sense for them to try their luck at re-signing Morrison. Not only has in-ring work improved, but he is also a much more skilled mic worker. During his time with WWE, Morrison was one of the most over wrestlers, regardless if he was heel or face.

The popularity of Lucha Underground has re-launched the career of John Morrison. Who knows what WWE would do given the opportunity to sign him again, but they should take a shot at doing so.

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