What to Stream: The Last Man on Earth (Hulu)

When it comes to television, everyone’s already telling you to watch Game of Thrones. People will urge you to watch The Walking Dead. If you’re a girl you have to watch Grey’s Anatomy. So many people push you to the bigger named shows, it’s hard to find the hidden gems.


One of the most awkwardly funny shows buried beneath the heavy hitters is The Last Man On Earth(Fox). The show features a post-apocalyptic world and dealing with the life outside of everyday societal comforts.

From tvguide.com

“Phil Miller suspects he’s the sole survivor after a deadly virus sweeps the planet in 2020, but he makes it his mission to see if anyone else is still around.”

At first, the show is a tough pill to swallow. It’s unique brand of humor borders on goofy and off-putting. However, as the show progresses, the awkward quirks of the show become relatable and inspire the occasional chuckle. It’s almost fun to watch as Phil Miller, played by Will Forte, readjusts to life and what is left of it.

Where the show really hammers it home for the viewer is sympathy. Imagine the world where every connection you’ve forged has been erased. The Last Man on Earth stands apart from shows like The Walking Dead. Too often characters are running from a disease or chasing down a cure. Instead of focusing on life during the outbreak, the show shifts to the acceptance of life after.

The humor is rooted in the idea of how weird people would be without every day social constructs. What would we do if we didn’t have to work jobs day in and day out? How would we live life without limitations? Where would we go without being tethered to our closest relationships?

The Last Man on Earth isn’t a must watch home run most people would recommend watching. It definitely has strengths and weaknesses. It might not be the show you tune into on a week to week basis. However, it could be the show you watch a couple episodes on Hulu while you’re unwinding before bed. The awkward and quirky humor make it fun to watch, the sad realism keeps you tuning in. So much of the show is goofy and unique that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However the more you watch the show the more you can’t give it up.

After you’ve streamed the first season of Westworld or latest Marvel superhero shows, give the goofy sitcoms like The Last Man on Earth a shot. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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