Wonder Woman: Let go of expectations.

No matter how good Wonder Woman is, it will be met with unnecessary criticism. Even after the exciting appearance in Batman vs Superman fans aren’t very receptive. All over social media, people are still bashing Warner Bros and DC for their choice in characters.

The continued negativity is largely based on what people think the characters should be rather than watching the story unfold. The studio has already said it doesn’t want to be a cookie-cutter superhero movie that just recycles the previous attempts. Rather than write origin story after origin story, DC wants to bring the current stories to the forefront.


Out of all the much-anticipated films DC has to offer, nothing could right the ship quite like Wonder Woman. After the release of the film’s latest trailer, it appears they’re willing to do something they haven’t in previous films. Wonder Woman looks like it can be the film that could be visually stunning. Between the time and effort spent on building the characters and the world around them, their special effects could be on display.


Diana Prince has never transitioned to the big screen before the film. Now they’ll have to bring to life one of the most iconic heroine in comics. That will be the studios toughest uphill battle. So much of the fans are familiar with the iconic tv personality. More so, fans have come overly attached to how the character is portrayed in the comics. Since Gal Gadot was cast there has been unfair bias aimed at her being cast. Personally, she was everything you could expect out of the character and more. It’s ridiculous to think a young, attractive, talented actress can face such criticism for not fitting the supposed exact mold.

The social media outrage has been so crazy, it’s even gone as far as to suggest alternatives. Sorry, you’re wrong. All of you and your suggestions are wrong. Listen, we all have our ideas of what a character should be. We all want to see step by step a checklist of traits that we’ve grown to love about these characters. But that’s the best part. In any media ever created, different people see different things. You’re all entitled to your opinions.

However, Gadot as Wonder Woman fits the perfect mold. As a character, she needs to be not only a fierce warrior, she needs to be smart, soft spoken and sympathetic. So many people are suggesting big and brawny females who fit the body type more than the character. Where’s the sense in that? Why are comic book fans so sold on actresses who look the part rather than fit the character? Gadot in BvS both looked at fit the part. She balanced smart with sexy, tough with caring, and agile with grace.

Hold on to your unrealistic views of a character all you want. Gal Gadot is the perfect fit for Wonder Woman. Give the movie a chance rather than holding it to a certain standard and you might enjoy the movies more.

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