DC: The Problem with Superman


If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized something has been missing from the Man of Steel. The DCEU has missed the mark when it comes to Superman. Don’t get me wrong, Henry Cavill has been doing a great job portraying the character as it probably appears in the script. However, they need to step their game up. Superman isn’t the same character we’ve grown up loving. Up until now, I couldn’t put my finger on it, then it hit me.

Where’s the superhero?

I get they’re telling the struggle of Superman coping with his life on Earth. But haven’t they only got it half right?


One thing that is missing from his on-screen persona is the do-gooder. What happened to the development of the character who would save a cat from a tree to stop a child from crying? You know, the one who people would look on in admiration because they know he’d always be there. Superman is a symbol of hope and always the light in the darkness.

He may be the character portrayed on the big screen, but it’s never been in the public eye.

If Batman wants to be dark and mysterious, that’s fine. However, no part of Superman has been a beacon of hope. There’s no connection and admiration. Rarely the character appears on screen smiling. We’ve seen the torn superhero unsure of his place in the world. Where is the other side of the coin? Where is the Clark Kent on screen?

And where is the intense love for Lois Lane?

Does anyone else feel cheated out of this story? I mean I get it, they can only fit so much into these movies. But come on, where’s the chemistry. Give us the love for Lois that bonds him to the people of Earth. Yes, superheroes are about kicking butts and taking names. They’re also about the connections with people. I don’t need a sappy love story, but make me believe these characters formed those relationships.

Before anyone gets on me for knocking their favorite character, I’ve long stood up for DC. With the characters they have and the stories fro the comics, they could put Marvel to shame. Some of the best stories have been told in the pages of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Now DC and Warner Bros. needs to put in the effort to get the characters right. I get you’re telling a different part of their story, but don’t insult us as if these parts of the character don’t exist. Bring Superman to life on the big screen. Show both sides of our favorite character. Make him that symbol of hope. That’s what DC has been getting wrong. If they don’t fix it fast, they will continue to fail.

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