Did Lil Wayne, Drake and Nas just get involved in Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef?

Hip Hop is and always will be about the battle. With the new beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma finally heating up, three of Hip Hop’s biggest artist may have been pulled into something they need to stay out of. Maybe they had no idea that Nicki would spit those bars but, being around her for so long and with the way Remy Ma crushed her soul on ShEther  Lil Wayne and Drake should’ve seen this coming.


However, this is where the entire situation gets a little suspect.

When the song was mastered and listened to, did either Wayne or Drake not hear Nicki’s bars? Did they walk out the studio? Have they not listened to the song since it has aired? And better yet, was Nicki lying on Drake when she said.

“What type of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rap?/ What type of mother leave her one son over a stack?/ Lil’ boogie down basic bitch thinkin’ she back/ Back to back? Oh, you mean back to whack/ Back to back? Me and Drizzy laughed at that”

If this is indeed true then this turns the battle into something entirely different just off those bars alone. It was stated earlier in the week that the reason ShEther has died down is because Nas shut it down. Nas owns the rights to Ether,  Nicki Minaj called Nas and asked for him to shut the song down to the point that Remy can’t perform it ANYWHERE. One of the hardest diss tracks in Hip Hop history is shelved because Nicki Minaj feelings got hurt.

Nas, you should have kept your ass out of this as well if these rumors are indeed true.

No one jumped in when you and Jay Z were going song for song but you had to stick your nose in this. As for her Young Money crew, they better be careful. Wayne nor Drake is not the level of battling that Remy’s husband Papoose or Fat Joe are on. Young Money can scream they make all the cash in the world but as Canibus told LL Cool J years ago “You might got mo cash than me/ but you ain’t got the skills to eat a niggas ass like me”. This is the only thing that Nicki can spit. In terms of lyrics, she lost.

What makes this attempt even more pitiful, is that fact that it was done to a Pop record. Like damn shorty, you don’t even know how to drop a diss track? Remy may have used the Ether beat but it was done as a clear message. At least come back with Jay’s Takeover or something. If what Nicki did say was true and Drake did indeed share a laugh then he’s now involved in a lyrical war that could end his career.

Remember a while back when he tried that shit with Eminem and wound up putting his foot in his mouth? Then he defeated Meek Mill and since then has been feeling himself something strong. Now, you got yourself involved in a FEMALE beef that could turn ugly for the singing N**** real quick. Pap is not Meek. Why didn’t anyone warn him?

As far as the song No Frauds go. Both Wayne and Drake had no business on that track and Nicki Minaj had no business responding to Remy on a song that featured another artist. It was like Remy punched her in the face and she ran home and hid for two weeks until her brothers came to help. This just proves that she’s not as bold and thuggish as she thinks she is. It’s cool to admit you’re not with the REAL hardcore music but damn girl, have some pride.

Nice response but you’re still losing the battle.



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