WWE:Austin Aries Might Be The Greatest Cruiserweight To Ever Live

The cruiserweight division has finally gotten the jolt it needed with the return of Austin Aries. A six-time TNA X-Divsion champion, Aries has the pedigree of a WWE superstar. Can he push the stagnant cruiserweight’s to new heights?


Dubbed “The Greatest Man to Ever Live”, Aries has all the tools. Not only good in thr ring, he’s money on the mic. The WWE Universe is familiar with his style after watching him on TNA and ROH. He’s had quite the career at both promotions, winning over fans at every promotion he went to.

Not only an X-Divsion champ, AA also competed against current NXT stars, Bobby Roode and Eric Young. He’s also partnered with Roderick Strong and Roode to form some rather interesting tag teams.

At certain points of his TNA tenure, Aries was featured in the main event picture, winning the TNA Heavyweight Title at one point during his time with the company.

Most of the WWE cruiserweight’s went straight from the indie scene to the main roster, completely bypassing NXT. It’s easy to tell, as some have very bland promos and sloppy in-ring work. Aries, who went through NXT, is one of those wrestlers that gets it. His in-ring ability is top-notch, and he knows how to connect with the WWE Universe.

At Wrestlemania, it’s expected that Aries will compete against Neville for the Crusierweight Championship. If WWE were smart they’d give Aries the belt that night. Nothing against Neville, but he has failed to really connect with the fans.

Unfortunately, the poor relationship between fan and wrestler been the case with almost all of the Cruiserweight champs. This is exactly why Aries should have the belt, as he’s over with the crowd. You can immediately push him as the face of the cruiserweights, putting him in feuds with other deserving contenders. They’d also possibly consider turning him heel in the process.

When it comes to the cruiserweight division, a lot of work needs to be done. Having such an established wrestler like Aries helps WWE greatly. It finally gives them a viable champion. There is no doubt that Austin Aries deserves the belt, and should lead the crusierweights for the foreseeable future.

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