WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan could be returning to a wrestling ring

We could be seeing Daniel Bryan back in a wrestling ring in the foreseeable future. On Talking Smack, the recap show for Smackdown Live, saw the Miz as the guest once again. While the Miz was taking shots at his Wrestlemania opponent, John Cena it didn’t stop him from taking shots at the Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan. The Miz and Daniel Bryan have had a bizarre feud that started at the WWE Draft when Daniel Bryan made it clear that he wanted the WWE Intercontinental belt, just not the wrestler who was holding it at the time.


Since the brand split happened and this feud began, the Miz has been incorporating a lot of Daniel Bryan’s moves into his arsenal. This would include him mocking the “Yes” chant. While this has been a weird feud, it has seen an elevation in the Miz’s promo skills as he cut a very passionate promo on Daniel Bryan a few weeks back that lead Bryan to storm off the stage. On Tuesday night’s Talking Smack episode, the Miz took another shot at Daniel Bryan not being able to wrestle.

Bryan would then reply by saying that he would like to wrestle, but WWE won’t let him due to his concussion problems. It has been rumored that Daniel Bryan’s contract is up in 2018 with the WWE. It will be interesting to see if he returns to a WWE ring or another promotions ring. However, his wife Brie Bella is pregnant with the couples first child, so I wonder if that will play any role if he would return to the ring.

Daniel Bryan was one of the first independent wrestlers to make a successful transition from the independent ring to a WWE ring. The other one was former WWE Champion CM Punk. Daniel Bryan also won every title with the Intercontinental Title win coming at Wrestlemania 31. However, his biggest moment came in Wrestlemania 30 when he would have one of the greatest nights in WWE history. It was on this night when he would defeat Truple H, Randy Orton, and Batista en route to the WWE Championship.

We will keep our readers posted on the latest news surrounding the future of Daniel Bryan and if he will return to a WWE ring.

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