March Madness Best Championship Team 1v16 Matchup

Here we are the overall number 1 seed against the underdog 16 seed.  The 1 seed needs no introduction because they had the greatest player in the world on their team.  Led by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen the 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls are your number 1 seed. There were probably one of the best if not the best team in NBA History.


Most Noteworthy was that in two seasons in the NBA they won 134 out of a possible 164 regular season games.  In addition to 30 out of 39 in the playoffs.  Soccer in general is not all that popular, women’s soccer even less so.  Therefore this team comes in a severe underdog and they are the 1999 US Women’s Soccer Team. During qualification the women scored 13 goals in 3 games while only yielding 1.  Here are my reasons for each team moving on the ultimate decision will be made by you the reader.

First up will be the 16 seed US Women’s team.  As previously mentioned they scored 13 goals in 3 games during pool play.  In doing so they qualified first in Group A.  Therefore drawing them into a favorable match in the knockout stage against the runners up of Group B Germany.  Even still with the favorable matchup Brandi Chastain put an own goal on the board and underdogs Germany were up 1-0 5 minutes into the match. Tiffeny Milbrett would tie the game about 11 minutes later but US would surrender another goal and enter halftime down 2-1.

Chastain would attone for her earlier mistake with a goal in the 49th minute.  US would eventually win that game and move on to face Group B winner Brazil.  US women would handle Brazil 2-0 and that would set up a matchup against China.  China themselves had been no slouch in this tournament scoring 12 goals while yeilding 2 in Group Play.  They would come into this game against the US with back to back shutouts and scoring 7 goals combined against Norway and Russia.  This matchup was epic it went the full 90 minutes and an additional 30 minutes with no score.   It came down to penalty kicks.  Here is the clip from the Penalty shootout  In conclusion this meant a lot to US fans and women everywhere 90,000 people were on hand.

On to the favorite 1 seed 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls, also as mentioned previously this team was nearly unbeatable over the course of 2 NBA Seasons.  After the Bulls had won 72 out of 82 regular season games they would run through the playoffs and also make quick work of their finals counterparts the Seattle Supersonics only needing 6 games to win the title.  The following season the Bulls would win 62 out of 82 games and would run into a good Jazz team in the NBA Finals that would give us the Michael Jordan flu game which he scored 38 points while having the flu.  We would also see the one of the best Playoff shots over Byron Russell by Michael Jordan seen here

In conclusion you have to decide is a nearly unbeatable team the best ever championship team or would it be the 1999 US Women’s Soccer team which kick started the soccer program here in the US for the women.  The decision and outcome is all up to you the reader.

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