WWE: The future of Big Show somewhat reveled

There has been surrounding the Big Show as of late. As we get closer to Wrestlemania, it seems that his supposed match with NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neil may or may not still be happening. However, he did make other news about how long he figures to still be wrestling.


When he was asked about his future, Big Show replied by saying, “I Know I’m Done February 2018.” He would go on to explain to Yahoo Sports that this is when his full time contract would be up and he isn’t sure what the next step would be in his career. The Big Show’s career began in 1995 when he was brought into WCW. When he was in WCW, he was billed as the son of Andre the Giant and this is why he was going as the Giant. He ended up winning the WCW Heavyweight Title from Hulk Hogan in his debut at Halloween Havoc. After he was in WCW for a year, he would end up aligning with the NWO and would be there until 1999.

It was in 1999 when he would leave the WCW and join the WWF, where he would sign a ten year deal right off the back. When he came to the WWF, he would drop the name of The Giant and become known as The Big Show. There have been rumors put out there that this was done as a jab at Ted Turner as the first letters of his new name spelled out TBS. Throughout his wrestling career that also had a brief run in the ECW, he held many titles.

So with Wrestlemania 33 more than likely being his last one, there is a push for Shaq to agree to this match to give Big Show one more Wrestlemania moment. I hope so as he is one of the biggest icons of wrestling in recent memory.

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