March Madness Bracket Best Championship Team

This will be a 16 team March Madness style bracket that I will put out and allow the readers to vote on.  The criteria for making this list was that they had to of won their title in their respective sport and had to dominate at some point in their run.   It started out tough as I kept going back and forth at who would be in and who would be out and then ultimately I landed on these 16.  I then ranked the 16 best championship teams in the order I felt they should be.

  1. 1996-1998 Chicago Bulls
  2. 2004 Boston Red Sox
  3. 2001-2004 New England Patriots
  4. 1998-2000 New York Yankees
  5. 2000-2002 LA Lakers
  6. 2012-2013 Miami Heat
  7. 2016 Chicago Cubs
  8. 2009-2012 Alabama Crimson Tide Football
  9. 1997-1998 Detroit Red Wings
  10. 1980 US Mens Hockey Team
  11. 2013 Seattle Seahawks
  12. 2003-2004 USC Trojans
  13. 2005-2006 Florida Gators Basketball
  14. 1996 US Men’s Basketball Team
  15. 2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball
  16. 1999 US Women’s Soccer Team

Just as they do in the NCAA Tournament 1 will face-off against 16 2 vs 15 3 vs 14 and so on.  Therefore, I will write an article on each match-up playing both sides of the coin and allow the readers a chance to determine the winner of each matchup. I will do this until there is only 1 team left standing.  Attached, you will be able to look at the entire bracket with teams and matchups here Best-of-Championship-Teams-March-Madness-Bracket.  In conclusion this is more of a fun piece and would like to see what you the readers think who the best of the best was.

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