WWE: Luke Harper or Braun Strowman should win the Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Back in 2014, WWE unveiled the Andre the Giant Battle Royal to commemorate the WWE legend, Andre the Giant. The one they had at Wrestlemania 30 saw Cesaro eliminate the Big Show, Wrestlemania 31 saw the Big Show eliminate Damion Mizdow, and Wrestlemania 32 saw Baron Corbin eliminate Kane in his WWE main roster debut.


While we are still a few weeks away and it is expected that both brands will be announcing participants soon enough, possibly as early as Smackdown Live. This Battle Royal has turned into an attempt to get everyone on the Wrestlemania card. I was looking at the names of all the possible names who can be put into this Battle Royal and two struck me as being the favorites to win it. Two names that I could see winning the event are either Braun Strowman of Raw or Luke Harper of Smackdown Live.

The case for Luke Harper is going to be interesting as he was involved in the main event scene heavily for the last few weeks. Since he has been on Smackdown, Luke Harper has been pushed much better than when it was one brand. On the other hand, Strowman has been booked like an unstoppable monster in the last few months and only has one lost since he has been a singles superstar.

I am hopeful that whoever wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal gets some sort of push heading into Summerslam. If you look at NXT, the Authors of Pain recently won the Dusty Rhodes Classic and are now the NXT Tag Team Champions. There is no reason why Luke Harper or Braun Strowman couldn’t get a title opportunity heading into the summer.

It will be interesting to see who exactly will be in this Battle Royal and might we see NXT superstars as they have appeared in the ones at Wrestlemania 31 and Wrestlemania 32. We shall see and you should follow the Wrestling Department at the Inscriber Magazine as we will keep our readers up to date on everything Wrestling related.

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