Is Tony Romo destined to be a member of the Washington Redskins

Last week I wrote a piece on Kirk Cousins being better than gone in Washington. As the days go by this seems to be more and more the case. There is now a report out by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, which places a 3 team deal in the works. The deal would send Cousins to the San Francisco 49ers, Tony Romo to the Washington Redskins and draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Romo to Washington has picked up steam over the past couple of weeks. It is even heavier now that it looks like Cousins will be gone. I understand that Redskins gave the franchise tag to Kirk Cousins. However, that does not mean that they still cannot trade him.

Trading would make the most sense if it is true that he would rather play for another organization. There are still some that believe not all in the Redskins front office believe in Kirk Cousins. Some are in the belief that Cousins may just be a system QB and if you put him in another system, he would not be as good of a QB. Trading him to the 49ers would give people the opportunity to see if this is true or not.


What would the Redskins do if they traded Cousins? Who would play QB? That is where Tony Romo comes in. The Redskins would have a proven veteran QB that could come in and fill a gap for a few years. There currently is not a QB in free agency or quite possibly the draft that could take over a franchise on day 1. Romo could come in and bridge the gap for a younger QB and also keep the Washington Redskins relevant in the NFC East.

Romo is a proven winner. He is 15-5 in his last 20 games played for the Dallas Cowboys. If he can stay healthy he is easily an elite QB in the NFL. The Washington Redskins could benefit from having him on the squad.

In addition to his knowledge and veteran leadership, they would save the money from signing Cousins. They would quite possibly ask Romo for a restructure in order to maintain cap room. However, even without a restructure he could fit into the cap of the Washington Redskins. With the addition of a player like Tony Romo, the Redskins could then focus on the defensive side of the ball with their remaining cap.

I know the addition of Tony Romo in burgundy and gold seems absurd. After all, he was one of the most hated of the Dallas Cowboys during his tenure there. But the thought of not having a QB is even worse. Tony Romo, growing a viable defense, and a continued focus on winning. Or no QB and back to 5-11 seasons. It may be time to choose Redskins fans.

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