Johnny Manziel: Why the New York Giants Should Consider Taking a Flier on Him

So, Johnny Manziel wants to play in the NFL again.

For his sake, let’s hope that he’s cleaned up his life and wants to take being a professional quarterback seriously, which if he does, good for him. Not many get a second chance after blowing the first one like he did with his actions.

If anything, he’s lucky to be alive with all of the things he did outside of the football field, but that’s a story for another day. After all, we are talking about Manziel the football player.

When we last saw Johnny Football, he was a struggling quarterback failing to be the Cleveland Browns starter and ended up being released because he needed to clean up his life and get things straightened out, which for the time being, it looks like he may finally have.


If Manziel is going to make it back to the NFL and needs a landing spot for the 2017 season, he’s going to need to go somewhere where he can simply sit on the bench and not feel the pressure of being needed to play immediately.

So where could Johnny Manziel go that would make sense?

The New York Giants.

Before the fan base starts to throw things and curse at us, an explanation is obviously needed.

First things first, no, we are not advocating for Manziel to take the place of Eli Manning in 2017. Manning is still clearly the starter in 2017 and will continue to be the starter until he’s no longer under contract and is retired.

However, the Giants are looking for the next guy after Manning, which could be three years down the road, which is also when Manning’s contract runs out and the Giants may be in need for the next guy.

Having Manziel being mentored by Manning both on and off the field could be exactly what he needs. Kurt Warner was the initial mentor for Manning, then Tim Hasselbeck. Manning’s career benefited from having those kinds of veterans.

Manning, who was just named the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year this past February, would be the ideal kind of person for someone who needs a second chance in life and in the NFL to follow around. Aside from being a future Hall of Fame quarterback, Manning is a model citizen and ideal family man who has brought a lot of good to the communities he’s been in; what better person for Manziel to latch himself onto?


If anything, the Giants could use him as a high-profile backup who sits and mentors under a proven veteran; something the Browns should have done three years ago when they first drafted Manziel instead of trying to force him onto the field too soon.

Then, whenever Manning decides to walk away from the game, the team could then turn and evaluate if Manziel is ready to be the guy again for an NFL team. At this stage of his life, he’s only 24, so he still has plenty of time left to get back on track.

But for him to get back on track, he needs the right scenario and situation; one where he’s not being forced back onto the field too soon and instead sits and learns from someone.

Eli Manning could be that guy for Manziel just like Warner and Hasselbeck were for him some 13 years ago, only this time, Manning serves as the role model in life that Manziel needs to help him through life, especially being off the field and how to act.

While some might think Johnny Manziel for the Giants would be a bad idea, maybe it’s not as bad of an idea as some think it could be.

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