Yogi Ferrell Can Be the Dallas Mavericks Point Guard of the Future

The Dallas Mavericks seem set on making Yogi Ferrell the point guard of the future. While he’s been spotty during his time since Deron Williams departure, the rookie guard has shown the ability to play high energy basketball at the NBA level.

From the basketball heartland of Indiana, Yogi Ferrell has been one of the more surprising rookies of the 2016 class. Going undrafted, he’s been able to carve out a role on an NBA team, a pretty remarkable feat. And not only is he making an impact, Ferrell is proving every team that passes on him at draft night quite sorry.


Averages of 12.2 points and 5.1 assists aren’t going to win Rookie of the Year honors ( Although this year that might be good enough), but they will garner you a lot of attention among NBA players, coaches, and fans. Ferrell isn’t going to be a household name, but this season he’s proven that there is a spot for him in the NBA.

After being waived by the Brooklyn Nets, Ferrell found a home in Dallas. While only on a 10-day contract, he managed to secure himself a multi-year deal with the team after some brilliant play. He became the third undrafted rookie to score 30 points over the course of his first 15 games. Ferrell scored in double digits seven out of eight games from January 30th-February 13th.

While many thought his play would continue to grow after the Deron Williams departure, it has seemed to hit a wall. However, with the type of player Ferrell is, and his already grueling path to the NBA, you can’t count him out just yet. He was a Wooden Award candidate at Indiana University, and at 6’0 ( that’s a generous estimate of his height ) he’s one of the biggest little men in the NBA.


Looking at Ferrell’s box scores since the Williams departure, you’ll notice a high assist total. With 7, 5, and 9 over the course of his three-game starting role, he’s shown the ability to pass the ball well. Unfortunately, his shooting has been less than desirable. Although, that’s something that will come over time, as a pure pass-first point guard can be sometimes harder to come by than a scorer.

Who knows what the future holds for Yogi Ferrell and the Dallas Mavericks. It’s quite possible we see a newly drafted point guard run the show for the Mavs come next season. But as we see the progression from Ferrell, it’s time to wonder if he could indeed be the one to run the show for the team long-term.

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