Could The Cedar Point RMC Be A Hyper-coaster?

Information on the Cedar Point RMC has been hard to come by. However, recent construction photos have given us a taste of what’s to come. This includes a drop that could exceed 200 ft, which is uncharted territory for an RMC coaster. Could this supposed hyper-coaster be Cedar Point’s best?

When Mean Streak closed to the public in September of 2016, many speculated an RMC was on its way. With those rumors now all but confirmed by Cedar Point, it now becomes a guessing game as to when the coaster will officially open.

The only thing coaster enthusiasts have to go by are construction photos, which clearly show the RMC I-box tracks in place. The latest round of photos has shown a much taller coaster than expected, possibly topping out at over 200 ft. This would make it the tallest wooden coaster by RMC, exceeding Iron Rattler by over 20 feet.


What does a hyper-coaster mean for the future of RMC? There has never been a wooden coaster of this size. When Mean Streak closed at Cedar Point, it stood 161 feet. Its apparent RMC wasn’t satisfied with an ordinary wooden coaster. This is good news for the future relationship of Cedar Fair and RMC, as the two will continue to produce groundbreaking new rides.

As previously mentioned, there has been very little information coming out of Cedar Point on the Mean Streak RMC. Details on the track layout have been slim, although, as with most RMC’s, you can expect a few inversions and heartline rolls. There have also been rumors of it being a launch coaster, but that has yet to be confirmed.

I’m quite excited for the Cedar Point RMC. Judging by their track record with recent refurbishment on other wooden coasters, the Mean Streak RMC could be one of the best coasters in North America. As a Cedar Point Platinum Pass holder, I can hardly contain my emotions when it comes to this coaster.

Unfortunately, coaster enthusiasts will need to wait until 2018. It’s a real shame Cedar Point didn’t have this coaster built-in time for the 2017 season. Although, I’m sure when it’s finally completed it will be well worth the wait.

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