Chicago Bears Free Agent Targets

The Chicago Bears need to make many moves to be happy once again. Some of their players are overpaid and some are just not any good. They do have a couple of younger players that were surprising in 2016. What can they do to make it work? Here are some free agents targets that they could spend their $59 million on.

Sylvester Williams – DT

The Chicago Bears finished 26th in the league last year against the run. That being said, they should look to strengthen their interior defensive line. Williams would be a good fit for this situation. He may have had a down year in 2016 but that could play into the Bears advantage. He is young and has good run-stopping abilities. He is also familiar with Head Coach John Fox. If the Bears want to attempt to make a concerted run in 2017 they will need to improve their defense. That starts on the d-line.

Jarvis Jones – LB

The Bears could use some help at outside linebacker. With their lack of pass rush and run stopping abilities the Chicago Bears struggled in 2016 on defense. Surprisingly the Bears finished 7th in the league in pass defense. But that was because of the outstanding play of their secondary. The Bears could use Jones in multiple situations. He is a decent cover backer, he can rush the passer from the edge and is a great run stuffer. He would help improve the Chicago Bears linebackers immediately.


Sam Shields – CB

Although the Chicago Bears pass defense was 7th in the league last season, there is always room for improvement. The cornerbacks were probably the most surprise position on the field in 2016 behind that of rookie Jordan Howard. Adding a player like Sam Shields would lend not only excellent cover skills but also some veteran leadership to the defensive backfield.

Cordarrelle Patterson – WR

With the expected free agency of current WR Alshon Jeffery, the Bears could use some help at this position. Patterson brings a big body with explosive speed to the team. Patterson never really got to fit in with the Minnesota Vikings. A scenery change could be good for this kid. He would also bring some versatility to the team with his ability to return kicks.

The Chicago Bears need pieces in many places. In order to re-establish themselves as a respectful team in the NFC North, they are going to have to spend some money. Giving some wise contracts to some qualified veterans could be the way to go. With that, you can then draft the necessary youth.


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