New York Knicks: Another dumb move by Jackson in waiving Brandon Jennings

The New York Knicks may have the worst front office in the NBA. It starts with James Dolan and has trickled down to Phil Jackson. Per Adrian Wojnarowski, the Knicks are waiving Brandon Jennings for PG Chasson Randle. 

Maybe this is a money move, with fears that they will not be able to resign Jennings but he’s been one of their most consistent players this season while backing up Derrick Rose. Jennings has averaged nine points and five assists in 25 minutes on 38 percent shooting. This just proves that the Knicks have all but given up on the season.


Currently, the Knicks are 12th in the Eastern Conference but only four games behind the Detroit Pistons for the 8th spot. There has to be another reason for this decision that we are not aware of. What Jackson is doing is giving leverage to another team like the Washington Wizards or the Philadelphia 76ers to make Jennings a valuable bench player for a playoff run or the lead guard for the 76ers.

It’s clear that Rose and his injury history cannot be trusted but, if the Knicks were to catch fire in the next 10 games, the playoffs are a real possibility. Is this Jackson’s way of telling Carmelo Anthony that he should have waived his no-trade clause and he’s punishing the entire team? This move looks to be about as bone-headed as the Sacramento Kings trading away DeMarcus Cousins but, this is Jackson we’re talking about.

Randle is young and the Knicks are hoping that he can be the lead guy next season if they cannot resign Rose. Randle was given two 10-day contracts by the 76ers then was signed to a partial three-year deal only to be waived during the Nerlens Noel trade. The Knicks picked him up, instead of sending him to the D-League as originally planned they decided to give him Jennings roster spot. 

To be honest, there are other players that could have been waived or sent down like Sasha Vujacic or Ron Baker. Jennings has been a great general while on the floor. He’s the spark plug for the Knicks second unit but Jackson thought otherwise. Not a surprise there. 

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