Grey’s Anatomy: A Katherine Heigl return will add intrigue to love triangle

In its 13th season, the hit ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy may be in the midst of their best season. During a 13-year run, there has not been much that the surgeons of Greys Sloan haven’t gone through but the current season has seen so many storylines that we get lost in the would be great moments.


As I watch this season I’ve noticed that each year we tend to lose a favorite character. Maybe it’s about time we were handed one back. A return for Katherine Heigl’s character, Izzie Stevens would flip the drama upside down. Her relationship with Merideth would be much-needed as Grey is seemingly floating through the last two seasons after the death of Derrick. She has found a few new shoulders to cry on in her sister and sister-in-law but it’s nothing like the originals.

The only one left is Merideth’s new “person”, Karev.

Where Izzie will fit in at is the love triangle between Karev, Wilson, and DeLuca. You can see the interest that DeLuca has in Jo but the feelings she has for Karev are not leaving anytime soon. Enter Izzie.

Izzie and Karev’s story rivaled Merideth’s and Derrick’s as they may have been labeled the best couple in the show’s history. What made them so special? They were both wild cards. They loved medicine but not as much as they did each other. If you’re a newcomer and you love the Jo and Karev chemisty then you may need to take a trip down memory lane and watch Izzie and Karev in action. Their arguments were explosive, to say the least.

Not that Grey’s needs any more shakeups but an Izzie return would provide what is sure to be a great episode if that’s all we can get. Jo is a firecracker waiting to explode and while Alex has tempered his maniac side some he still has that fight in him that made him so easy to hate. By providing an extra twist into an already complicated love story, we will get to see just how much or if at all, Karev has gotten over Izzie.

Can you imagine an epic showdown between Jo and Izzie?

I love Jo’s and Karev’s relationship but it’s missing that fire he had with Stevens. It may never get there because Izzie wore her heart on her sleeve while Jo keeps her caged in. In the end, we know Karev will choose Jo but to see those two fiery souls reconnect if only for 60 minutes will be well worth it.



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