AHL Logos: Some Of The Best Hockey Has To Offer

We’ve discussed the awesome NBA D-League logos and the even more awesome Minor League Baseball logos. Now, let’s see if the National Hockey League’s minor league system can get any skin in the game. We’ll be looking at some of the best American Hockey League (AHL) logos, and trying to find the ones that are just as great as what we’ve featured before, in the MiLB and D-League. Our first pick comes from my home state, Texas.

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The San Antonio Rampage have one mean looking logo! It strikes fear into the minds of their opponents. In all black and white, one would think that the Rampage took the easy way out. But I think the opposite. When you have this big bad bull staring you down, you don’t need color to make it any better. With smoke coming from his nostrils, and a cloud of dust in a trail, the San Antonio Rampage clearly mean business. This Colorado Avalanche affiliate is prepared to stomp all over the other AHL team logos! But, will the Rampage be able to take down our next awesome Logo? Maybe, if they can find it…

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Do you see it? The monster? Exactly. You have no clue what’s coming! The Lake Erie Monsters, now known as the Cleveland Monsters as of this week, are ready to surprise opponents with this creepy logo. We aren’t quite sure what the monster is, but that’s the best part. Mystery surrounds this Columbus Blue Jackets affiliate, and opponents are left to wonder. The Monsters knew what they were doing when they created this logo. Fierce yellow eyes, peeking just above the waterline, give one awesome look. With the new name change from Lake Erie to Cleveland, I sure hope that a logo change isn’t to follow. The Monsters have a great look! I would hate to see that change. And I definitely hope nothing ever changes about this next American Hockey League team logo.

(image courtesy of sportslogos.net)

The Rockford IceHogs have, by far, my most favorite logo in all of the AHL. You probably wouldn’t think that such a tough looking animal could come out of Rockford, Illinois, but it did. This hog is ready to snap that hockey stick right in half. I bet it wouldn’t take much effort either. Honestly, the helmet is probably my favorite part. While meant to look like a hockey helmet, I’m sure, it gives off the black leather look of a hat that some kind of tough street thug would wear. The Chicago Blackhawks have one nasty looking IceHog as their minor league affiliate. Rockford, you have the best logo in the AHL! It’s definitely worthy of standing up against the best of the MiLB and D-League looks!


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