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Once I start a show, I’m pretty locked in until it’s over. Every so often I’ll find a show that starts off great and then quickly fades out. With Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video the list of good shows is ever growing. Unfortunately, every so often a show has to be cut. Who has time to keep up with all of them? If not for streaming, I’d never stay current on shows. This time of year it’s easy to make cuts. Newer shows are coming out. Season finales are amping up. Time to thin the herd. So the first show to get the ax: The Goldbergs on ABC.


At first, The Goldbergs was a fresh bit of nostalgia that took you back to your childhood. The 80s was pretty much the best decade to grow up in, making the show easy to connect with. On top of getting the occasional blast from the past pop culture references, the family was easy to relate with as well. Now on its fourth season, the novelty is wearing thin. The 80s references are getting further from relatable. Even the jokes aren’t quite landing.

Now they’re planning a spinoff? Great news for the cast and crew who have put in the hard work. They deserve it. But how much more do the creators have in the tank? The spinoff will be set in the 90s and follow the day to day activities of the same teachers from The Goldbergs. Not quite sold on the premise, but with ABC lacking in quality television as of late, why not?

The cast hasn’t changed. The direction of the show stayed the same. Nothing about The Goldbergs has changed since it aired. So if you love the show, keep watching. Unfortunately for me, Marvel and Netflix keep hitting home runs. HBO programming is on a break but is coming back soon. DC is doing better in television than their movies right now. So for The Goldbergs there just isn’t enough time for a novelty show that has run its course. As much as I’d love to keep watching it’s time to cut The Goldbergs from my viewing rotation.

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