Tv Show Review: Riverdale (theCW)

It seems that The CW has no issues bringing another comic book to television. This time around it’s Riverdale, a take on Archie comics. First published in 1941, Archie comics followed Archie Andrews through the day and life of a high school teenager. From a good family friendly comic to a pop culture sensation the comic seems to have done it all. So why wouldn’t The CW take advantage with Riverdale? Can the show be as successful as the comics or will it be a one and done fad?


from IMDb.

“A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.”

The Review: Before I even get started on the show, is anyone else tired of the CW intros as I am? Cookie cutter voice overs are the new 80s theme music. The CW and comic book shows are using this way too much and its getting stale. The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow all have the voice over intro and it’s time to move on. It was a good run. We had our fun. It’s over!

Now with that being said, the show itself isn’t terrible. It’s pretty much what you’d expect out of a CW show that isn’t superhero filled. Clearly it’s the CWs attempt to bring a show in for the female audience. Riverdale gives off a Mean Girls meets Revenge with an Archie comics theme. The show itself pays homage to the comic while spinning off on it’s own. As a comic itself Archie comics brought the reliability of a comic strip to full length comics. It was more of a humor piece than superhero.

Riverdale however, has a darker mystery about it. In the long run, it takes normal high school situations and adds murder mystery elements to it. While the show has it’s good moments, the first episode was nothing to write back home about. Add it to your short list of shows if you’re not watching a lot. It will never make the cut if you’re backlogged on shows you’re buried in trying to catch up on. Riverdale is an average 2.5/5.

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