WWE Rumors: WWE has interest in bringing back a former tag team from the Attitude Era

We might be seeing one of the greatest tag teams make a return to the WWE, were it all started for them. Over the last few months, TNA Wrestling have gone through a lot of changes from Jeff Jarrett and Zeb Colter returning to take work behind the scenes from creative to advising and former TNA stars returning to the company. However, while there is hope for this wrestling promotion, it faces another problem. There happens to be several wrestlers who have contracts that are up soon.


The three bigger names of TNA Wrestlers who have their contracts that are about to expire are Drew Galloway, Jeff Hardy, and Matt Hardy. It has been reported that the Hardy Boys contracts are up in within a week of each other and if Impact Wrestling can not resign them for whatever reason, they will be free agents in the professional wrestling world. It is now being reported that one of the wrestling promotions who has expressed interest in the Matt and Jeff Hardy is the WWE. However, they have not made an offer to them as of this writing.

The reason why WWE has not made any offer to them yet is for simple legal reasons. They do not want to discuss signing a wrestler who is still signed by another wrestling company because then there would be legal problems for them. However, it should be noted that the WWE have gone on record by saying that Jeff and Matt Hardy have a home at WWE if they chose to return.

If they come back to the WWE, it would be interesting to see if WWE allows them to continue their current gimmick where Matt Hardy is now taking on the role of Broken Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy now is Brother Nero. He ended up taking on this gimmick as Matt Hardy didn’t want Jeff to be a “spot monkey”.

Across the wrestling spectrum, the current gimmick for the Hardy Boyz is one of the most over ones in any wrestling promotion. However, it should be noted that this isn’t the first time that Jeff and Matt Hardy were able to reinvent themselves into new gimmicks to be over with the wrestling crowds. It should also be noted that another reason to the success of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick is that he has complete control over it.

It will be interesting to see if WWE continues this gimmick or gets rid of it. If I were WWE, I wouldn’t get rid of this gimmick as it has been one of the most over gimmicks in professional wrestling in a long time. It would be interesting to see what WWE would have planned for the Hardy Boyz if they chose to leave Impact Wrestling when their contracts are up.

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