Breaking – Leicester City Fires Claudio Raineri

This past Wednesday, after a strong effort against Sevilla in the Champions League Round of 16 First-Leg match up, Leicester City F.C.’s manager Claudio Ranieri stated that his squad had hit ‘the turning point’ in their season. Apparently, he was correct in his statement, it is just that he did not realize it would directly affect him in such a point blank way.

It was confirmed today that Ranieri, who has only managed the English side since 2015, has been sacked following the club’s miserable descent from champions of 2015-2016 to 17th place in the Premier League.


In 2016, Ranieri led Leicester, a 5000-1 longshot, to a fairytale ride to the team’s first-ever Premier League title. This season, however, has been a different story altogether. Leicester City have struggled not just to replicate their success, but to also keep up with the rest of the league. They are facing a relegation battle just after they took home their championship. They are facing elimination from the Champions League. As a result, the team has decided to move away from their Italian manager.

Born in Rome in 1951, Ranieri played in the Italian leagues during the late 1970’s and 1980’s. He moved on to initially coaching amateur side Vigor Lamezia. He would ultimately move on to the managerial side of things in Italy in 1987 and has stayed there ever since.

The move is a bit unprecedented, as he took home FIFA Coach of the Year for taking his £55million club all the way to the top in his first season after taking over for Nigel Pearson. With the poor results Leicester has displayed this year, though, the move is at least easy to follow. At the time of the announcement, representatives from the side were unavailable for comment.

Here is the official statement from Leicester City F.C., which can be found on the link below:

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