Pretty Little Liars: Paige is not Uber A but she is a deadly threat to Emily

It’s been in the making from the beginning of Pretty Little Liars. You could sense that something was a bit off with her presence from the moment she tried to proclaim that she was a better swimmer than Emily in High School. While the girls have their attention focused on Charlotte’s killer and running from Uber A they may miss a threat that’s right under their nose. Paige.


Even when Paige and Emily were together the girls were leery of Paige motives. However, Emily being the soul that seeks love could not and still does not see the damage that Paige could cause. I can’t count the many times either Aria or Hanna has blamed Paige for a few of the issues that the girls have run across and almost every time Emily has defended her actions.

As we came to the end of the Summer Finale we witnessed the distaste that Paige had for Emily’s new girlfriend Samara. As Paige sat and watched Samara at the Coffee House she gave off the notion that when 7B starts we may find out that Samara is now missing. To make matters worse, the next morning Paige showed up at Alison’s house only to notice that Emily and Alison had a sleep over. The strange part of the conversation is that Paige mentioned that she and Emily were back together. Not many caught that but it clearly set the tone for the danger that lies ahead for Emily.

As angry as Paige seemed when she was hit with the thought that Emily and Ali may have shared a romantic night together, she will really lose her mind if Alison’s baby turns out to be from Emily’s eggs. The reason that the girls must be leery of Paige is that if she comes after Emily then her friends will be forced to defend her.

Something in me says that Paige is a killer in waiting and 7A was just the tipping point. Remember, Paige was a part of Mona’s group in the beginning and her hatred for Alison will eventually outweigh her love for Emily. Uber A is the main villain but Paige is a threat that must be taken seriously.

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